Self-cleaning and easy-to-clean (ETC) coatings

GXC functionalized components can be self-cleaning (photocatalytic) or easy-to-clean (anti-smudge, anti-finger-print). Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, the coatings protect quality or functional components effectively and allow long-term resistance against organic and inorganic buildup.

  • GXC NuGlass® PKG or ETCG (on glass)
  • GXC NuGlass® PKPC or ETCP (on PC, PMMA/acrylics)
  • GXC NuGlass® PKM or ETCM (on metals)

Properties of GXC self-cleaning coatings

  • Dirt-repellent (water, oil, dust, carbon deposits, etc.)
  • Dirt depleting (e.g. by sunlight and water)
  • Easy wiping, cleansing or raining out of the dirt particles
  • Long resistance, proven and quantified effect

Customer benefits

  • Increasing the functionality and decorative lifetime
  • Reduction of personnel, use of detergent and water for cleaning
  • Reducing the total cost of ownership
  • Preventive quality, function and customer satisfaction

Industrial applications

  • Lighting covers (automotive, street lighting)
  • Display covers
  • Covers for measuring instruments in the outdoor area
  • Outdoor architectural elements
  • Pipes and fittings for media transport

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