Scratch-resistant coatings for plastics (hardcoat, anti-scratch)

GXC scratch-resistant coatings protect high precision plastic components from scratching, yellowing, embrittlement and chemical attack. GXC scratch-resistant coatings are suitable for transparent and colored (e.g. piano black finish) plastic, add gloss to the surface and can be equipped with a dirt-repelling function.

  • GXC NuGlass® HCPC (on polycarbonate)
  • GXC NuGlass® HCPM (on acrylic, PMMA)
  • GXC NuGlass® HCPX (on polysulfone, polyamide, other)

Properties of GXC scratch-resistant coatings

  • High scratch resistance between 3H-8H pencil hardness depending on the substrate
  • High chemical resistance to acidic and alkaline cleaners, solvents, sunscreen, chemicals
  • Compliant to major European and global automotive standards
  • High temperature resistance up to 200° C
  • An additional functionality is stain-resistance and self-cleaning properties

Customer benefits

  • Hard, glazed, high-gloss plastic surfaces
  • Increasing the functional and decorative life
  • Stain-resistant additional function for self-cleaning effect
  • Preventive increase of safety and appearance – no customer complaints
  • Increased customer satisfaction and valuation of product

Industrial applications

  • Lighting covers
  • Display covers
  • Goggles, visors and gauges
  • Medical devices
  • Household and kitchen appliances

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